[drupal-devel] Q: Custom node types in forums?

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Tue Sep 20 20:28:52 UTC 2005

I did a similar thing to blog module a while ago.[1] I really very much like 
this concept of 'display only' modules. That just take existing nodes 
(flexinodes most of the times, but images come as a popular second) and 
present them in some way. For example present them in a forum way. Or in a 
blog way. I believe this is /the/ way :)

PLease go ahead, I am sure people are interested.

Op dinsdag 20 september 2005 21:24, schreef David Cohen:
> I posted this question <http://drupal.org/node/30980> some time ago and
> got zero response.  I'm following up here because I'd like to hear from
> Drupal experts before I pursue it any further.
> Briefly (this repeats content from the link above), I've created a new
> node type.  It's an event with dates, location and other data.  I want
> the event discussed in my forums, but I don't want to create a new forum
> entry in parallel with my event node.  I'd like my event node itself to
> appear in the forums, as well as other places on the site (event
> calendar, etc).
> So my idea is that forums should include any node of any type, as long
> as it is associated with a forum taxonomy term.  That is, if I create
> any node at all and give it the taxonomy term Forum->Events, it will
> appear in my Events forum.
> The current forum package does not work this way.  It only shows nodes
> of type 'forum' and has a forum table which includes all forum nodes.  I
> think both of these 'limitations' could be removed.  Unless of course
> there is good reason for them that I do not see.  Which is why I'm
> asking now.
> As I said in my earlier post, I'm willing to contribute to this if
> others like the idea.  Thanks for your input,
> -Dave
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