[drupal-devel] Beginner using Tortoise CVS seeks help!

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Sep 20 22:15:13 UTC 2005

On Tue, 20 Sep 2005, Joel Guesclin wrote:

> 1) My success with Tortoise so far has downloaded to
> my workstation what looks like the ENTIRE Drupal CVS.

Contrib only most likely.

> Apparently I could update anything in this - that
> makes me very nervous that I might mess up someone
> else's work,

You should because you can in fact.

> or Drupal core worse still.

You can't break anythign there.

> Is there any way to avoid this?

tread carefully. :p
Do only execute commands when inside you own module's directory. (dunno
how much this applies to a GUI CVS thing).

> 2) Do I need to keep all these directories on my
> workstation for the CVS to work?


> 3) Is there anywhere some documentation for helping a
> Tortoise user with Drupal to get started?

I recall seeing something in the handbook. Since Drupal's CVS is just a
CVS you can look at any CVS docs.

> 4) I seem to have managed to create a "Checkout"
> module (tomorrow I will try to create the project
> under Drupal) in the CVS, with all the appropriate
> files

Looks good.

> - not sure that I understand tagging and branching yet, so will have to
> see if it works.

Be extremely carefull with this one. You will get a lot of people very
angry if you should branch the whole cvs repository.

> But every time I load a file to the CVS server I get
> this message in the Tortoise window: initial revision: 1.1 cvs commit:
> Using deprecated info format strings.  Convert your scripts to use the
> new argument format and remove '1's from your info file format strings.
> Do I need to worry about this?

No, you don't.


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