[drupal-devel] parse_rdf.inc proposal

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Sep 23 07:34:17 UTC 2005

Hi there, 

While updating naggregator.module, I decided to put all RDF parsing stuff in 
one parse_rdf.inc. Naggregator needs it, aggrgator.module, aggregator2.module 
and most probably more modules could use a general rss parser. 

I would like to know if anyone wants to help me develop this. 
And I also would like to hear any suggestions. 
Questions I have been asking myself are: Should this maybe be a general XML 
parser.inc, rahter then only a rdf/rss parser? Should I include some general 
remote-file functions (I already have a general drupal_remote_file())

For now, what i have is loosely formatted after the mysql/database functions 
in PHP:
rdf_get_object($res) rdf_get_array($res) where $res is a result (feed) 
returned by drupal_remote_file();
Both 'get' functions return one item a time, as object. similar to the 'row a 
time' the database functions to. 
On top of that, Id like to see a rdf_get_feed($res) which returns an object 
with an array ($object->items) containing all the items as objects.

Please let me know if you are interested in lending me a hand, or if you have 
other ideas about getting this in core. Or anything else. 


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