[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Álvaro Ortiz alvaro.ortiz at the-cocktail.com
Fri Sep 23 13:15:01 UTC 2005

Regarding the outline/book debate, I think there is a related problem 
which may help to improve Drupal for static sites (and for dinamic ones 
also). It's a pattern that I always find after showing to Drupal to new 
admin users: they always ask "where is the backoffice". It's as they 
seem to need a place where all the content is stored and accesible, 
separated from the layout of the site.

Now we have "content" (admin/node), but it's something that, at least 
"my" users, don't like very much, or don't pay much attention to, I 
think because of its usability (or lack of). Maybe admin/node would need 
to show the contents of they site more visually? (by visually meaning 
easier to filter certain content type - now you have to do 3 clicks to 
list the "page" content type, for example, and that means that some 
basic admin users may never know that they have the abbility to list the 
content in their sites).

So the conclusion would be, from my experience point of view:

* identify more clearly when you are in the admin area (as CivicSpace 
does, and as have been commented here previously)

* make it easier for an admin to identify which content is in his site


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