[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 14:48:34 UTC 2005

On 23 Sep 2005, at 15:12, Álvaro Ortiz wrote:
> * identify more clearly when you are in the admin area (as  
> CivicSpace does, and as have been commented here previously)

This is a theme system issue.

In your _page template, simple use:

if (arg(0) == 'admin') {
   // load admin stylesheet
else {
   // load normal stylesheet

If someone cooks up a patch which changes one or more core themes to  
introduce some visual distinction between admin and user mode, I'd be  
happy to commit that.  The differences don't have to be disruptive.   
Just changing the background color would probably be a small but  
helpful change.

> * make it easier for an admin to identify which content is in his site

Could you try to be a little more concrete?  How exactly would you  
like to see admin/content improved?  I'm not sure I understood your  

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