[drupal-devel] parse_rdf.inc proposal

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Fri Sep 23 14:14:47 UTC 2005

On 23-Sep-05, at 10:00 AM, Bèr Kessels wrote:
> On Friday 23 September 2005 14:06, James Walker wrote:
>> Agreed - this should be general parse_feed.inc (or somesuch) ... and
>> I would absolutely be +1 for that...
> I like that name. parse_feed. I dislike the word syndication, for  
> it is VERY
> unclear what side that serves, the serving or receiving side.
> and yea, the idea is indeed to introduce a stepstone for proper  
> core XML
> parsing.
> but XML is WAY over my head, as is rss parsing in fact already.  
> Though I would
> love an XML parser API that can be called just like the database  
> systems. The
> currect default PHP API is very very abstract.

well, what I'd like to see is a drupal-like wrapper around php's raw  
xml stuff...

actually, i think the best thing - for our uses at least - might be a  
drupal wrapper that mimicked http://ca.php.net/simplexml - and was  
even smart enough to actually use simplexml if available (it's a php5  
thing). I find the document object structure in simplexml to be  
pretty "drupal like".

this would help a ton not only for rss/atom stuff, but for other  
webservices integration.

as usual, if nobody beats me to it, it's something I'd love to  
contribute.. :P

James Walker :: http://walkah.net/

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