[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 21:18:09 UTC 2005

>>> better != good.
>> Eum, so better = bad?
> I think Ber might have meant only catching pages with the simple  
> admin/*
> regexp. That indeed would be confusing since not all admin  
> functions are
> caught by that and it would appear random to a user. It pretty clearly
> needs to be an all or nothing decision I would think.

So what doe you mean with an 'all or nothing decision'?  What exactly  
does that mean in terms of what pages to theme differently?

If I give you 2 months to think about this problem, will you be able  
to come up with a perfect solution?  No, you won't.  There is no  
perfect solution.  Due to Drupal's highly dynamic nature, the  
distinction between user-mode and admin-mode will remain blurry,  
regardless of the regex you throw at this.  That, and it is often a  
matter of preference.

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