[drupal-devel] Help system redesign

Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 07:01:38 UTC 2005

Larry -- thanks for taking this on. This has been needed for some  
time. Hopefully we can still get this into 4.7 under the guise of  

On 24-Sep-05, at 8:59 PM, Larry Garfield wrote:

> Last night there was a discussion in #drupal regarding the help  
> system, and
> the need for an overhaul therein.  Dries asked me to send a note to  
> this list
> with what was discussed and the thoughts on where to go with it.   
> This is a
> developer, documenter, and translator issue, so input from all  
> three parties
> is welcome.

1. <link>
* I agree with Khalid that we should use something XHTML based
* any reason not to use <A href=""> directly? Like, <a href="admin/ 
modules" class="drupalhelplink">

2. XML vs. keys vs. ?
* the big thing here is support of tools; XML sounds better than a  
completely non-standard colon delimited file
* is there any way that PO files can be used here as well, especially  
for import/export? would be nice to have just one tool needed

Sounds very excellent for the support of install profiles, where you  
could have different wording of help. I guess we would ship a  
database-help-en.sql file?


Boris Mann

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