[drupal-devel] two minor usability issues, introduced recently

Stefan drupal-devel at istyledthis.nl
Sun Sep 25 21:11:34 UTC 2005

Op 25-sep-2005, om 11:01 heeft Bèr Kessels het volgende geschreven:

> I just upgrded to HEAD and very much suprised to find two rather  
> unfortunate
> usability iissues introduced:
> MBstring support? This seems to Just Work, why do I need a  
> collapsed form
> element telling me it works? Joe user (and I) should not be  
> bothered with
> form options that are no options.
This is there for a long time.. We already did this or the first time  
when the image handling kicked in.. I already fought against that and  
then nobody seems to care, now it looks like it's logical to everyone  
to not display these messages.
(See my reviewing about walkah's image api -> core)

I did comment on that after the image-api hit the trunk.. Why do we  
want to know when something does succeed?? That does not matter!
Everybody who uses software does think everything _will_ work well,  
and only needs to knowhen therre is something wrong, not which  
settings are right...

Though, something else I learned some time ago is why we use radio  
buttons for option to enable/disable them.. Isn't a checkbox ment to  
do that?
checkbox checked is 'enabled', checkbox unchecked is 'disabled'..  
Checkbox class => 'disabled' is not supported..

There is a lot to improve and it needs a lot of time and love.. I  
would love to do some tweaking here and there, make notes, etc, ec,  
and share/discuss then with you all..

Looking forward to some other ideas and suggestions...


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