[drupal-devel] Admin theme

Steven Peck speck at blkmtn.org
Tue Sep 27 01:00:30 UTC 2005

If we do put a default admin theme in core, then it should be shipped default off.  

I find the CS admin theme essentially unusable and a shock when I navigate to it.  Admittatly my pool of people I can survey numbers about twelve, but I asked them all and they find that what things they control (blocks, users, content) are disrupted when they navigate away from the look and feel of their current site.

One small voice on the -1 crowd


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> On Monday 26 September 2005 17:49, James Walker wrote:
> > Ok... but I thought one of the big pushes for the admin 
> theme camp is 
> > that there would be one true admin theme to rule them 
> all... so that 
> > administration of a drupal site was uniform , and thus much 
> easier to 
> > document (i.e. where to click, etc) ... then that 
> information can be 
> > reliably written in docs (and books) without a "theme depenedent"
> > caveat.
> >
> > or am i missing something 'cause I'm not a usability guy?
> No, I think you might be mmissing the same some others seem 
> to overlook. I, and other consultants (AFAIK in th thread it 
> are all small consultants who are "against" an admin theme in 
> some way) want flexibility above all.
> Not one of my sites is the same. Not one site will have the 
> same admin as another. 
> Thus A 'uniform' way is very hard. We really really really 
> need something that is very flexible, if its up to me. 
> And from the comments in here, I get the idea that most 
> people like the sections idea: select the pages that are 
> served in an admin theme in the exact same way as we define 
> paths for blocks.
> So, my idea is that most people in this thread preferred: 
> A core admin theme. 
> A UI that allows you to define where theme 'FooBar' will be used.
> By default FooBar will be the admin theme.
> Is that correct, people? 
> Ber

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