[drupal-devel] Admin theme

Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 01:15:07 UTC 2005

On 26-Sep-05, at 6:19 PM, Steven Peck wrote:

> If we do put a default admin theme in core, then it should be  
> shipped default off.
> I find the CS admin theme essentially unusable and a shock when I  
> navigate to it.  Admittatly my pool of people I can survey numbers  
> about twelve, but I asked them all and they find that what things  
> they control (blocks, users, content) are disrupted when they  
> navigate away from the look and feel of their current site.
> One small voice on the -1 crowd

Agreed. The issue is random ass themes that have large tables in  
admin view. So...file bugs against the themes, and/or ship those  
specific themes with an "admin theme". Make a handbook page on  
theming that says "if you are going to do fancy fixed width themes,  
we suggest you use an admin theme and process X (e.g. sections, built  
into page.tpl.php, whatever) to handle the admin side". Actually, I'd  
love to see the CivicSpace admin theme as a *separate* theme  
project....then people could work with that plus sections.

About a billion tasks are "do once" tasks that are done ONLY by site  
admins. Once. And install profiles will mean there are even LESS do  
once things that people touch.

I also find it jarring to be taken out of my regular space. So -1 for  
having it in core. AFAIK, all core themes do not have problems with  
admin tables?

Boris Mann

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