[development] Preview - Node Visibility by Multisite and CSS Hover Pop-out Menus

Sohodojo Jim salmons at sohodojo.com
Sat Apr 1 16:54:34 UTC 2006

Neither of these developments is ready for prime-time release yet, but I 
wanted to give a preview in the event that folks are interested. The two 
things I have developed are:

     * a node_visibility_bysite module
     * CSS hover-based pop-out menus

The node_visibility_bysite module uses a taxonomy vocabulary together with a 
"selective shared table database" multisite configuration to implement a 
"site/sub-site" shared content platform.

The CSS Hover pop-out menus are implemented with Peterned's csshover.htc 
script (included in the CivicSpace theme).

To see these features in action (these are new sites, so there is not that 
much content there yet), go here:


We're using this to support a "contribute once, publish at "either or both" 
sites for our local community Civic Center that is under construction and 
its musical theater touring company (that is out promoting this 
community-based coming attraction/resource). More general applications of 
this capability would be a headquarters with a branch offices/stores 
network, or a community organization with affiliate chapters. Using a shared 
taxonomy vocabulary, you can implement a flexible rule-set for where node 
content should be visible.

Questions and suggestions welcome on- or off-list. I am especially 
interested in Mac and Linux reports of the CSS Hover pop-out menu behavior 
as I only have Windows with Firefox, Opera, and MSIE browsers for testing.

--Sohodojo Jim--

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