[development] nodeapi image concept (request for feedback)

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Mon Apr 3 19:22:27 UTC 2006

"Rowan Kerr" wrote:

> James Walker wrote:
>> On 31-Mar-06, at 5:25 PM, Nedjo Rogers wrote:
>>> There's an issue on the image module for moving to nodeapi:
>>> http://drupal.org/node/43628
>> Yeah, after looking through the code, I'm inclined to say this makes
>> sense directly in image.module . Do others have a strong opinion?
> Good functionality to have.
> I have written my own module for attaching images to nodes in 4.6.. so that
> makes about 3 modules doing roughly the same thing. Might as well have it
> built in :)

Where can one find this module you've written, Rowan?

None of the modules I've tried for 4.6 (we're not moving to 4.7) work at

'attachment' + 'filemanager' creates files owned by 'apache' and then cause
our backup scripts to fail

'upload' doesn't inform you of the path, so you still can not insert an
image into the text being edited.

I'm (still) looking for a module that will simply:

a) let me upload and insert into my content as an '<img>' tag

b) let me choose a file that I've already uploaded and insert as '<img>'

Who in the world ever heard of "attaching" an image to some content?  (Okay,
if it's a large graph or chart, then I get the need to have an assortment of
attachments to some content, but that's not the most common need, I think.)

What are we supposed to use -- that actually works -- to insert images into

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