[development] forms_no_js is up for grabs

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Tue Apr 4 17:52:41 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 11:29 +0200, Bèr Kessels wrote:
> Op maandag 3 april 2006 21:26, schreef Darrel O'Pry:
> > I put 10 EU on Ber getting maintainership ;)...
> Heh. :)
> It seems I am "the local ANTI JS guy", let me clarify my position: 
> I am not against JS or AJAX. I love it, really. I love *nice implemented AJAX* 
> (and no, digg.com is NOT well done!). I am a big fan of the (some of the) 
> prototype thingies.
>  Its just that I like stuff done *right* or not at all. In this case I have 
> serious doubts about how right some particular JS was done on some places in 
> Drupal :). 
> * I love the autofill. IMO its the best user-side addition to Drupal.
> * I love the collapses (allthough they are abused, but that has nothing to do 
> with JS, but with lazy UI designers)
> * I love the upload progressbars. I see more nice places for the progress bars 
> too. Its fabulous.
> * I would love to be able to make certain textareas get resizing capabilities.
> But:
> * I seriously dislike the fact that resizers are enforced on ALL textareas. It 
> contradicts with the bahaviour of all our other JS. And it adds a lot of 
> overhead to remove it on certain places. Esp because I hardly see a real need 
> for them. If some textareas are too small, our UI needs redesign.
> This is very different from an "all or nothing JS thing". This is about 
> choosing good defaults. 
> * I dislike the addition of nifty things in critical places. I see update.php 
> as a critical place. critical places should *always work*. And that can IMO 
> only be ensured by making these places as simple as possible. Again: choosing 
> good defaults. To me enhancing the update process like this, is, like putting 
> all pimpy stuff inside your closed server box. You never see them, you never 
> need them, and they are only in the way when your hardisk needs replacement. 
> I hope I made my ideas about our JS a bit clearer this way. 

I know how you feel. I feel the same. I just like to pick on you. ;)

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