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Dan Ziemecki dan at ziemecki.com
Wed Apr 5 01:50:27 UTC 2006

I never made that a configurable option, but you can fix it in the code, if
you want to.  Find this line in subscriptions.module:

return array(array('title' => t('Subscription settings'), 'data' =>
form_checkbox(t('Automatically subscribe to threads in which you post.'),
'subscriptions_auto', 1, isset($edit->subscriptions_auto) ?
$edit->subscriptions_auto : $user->subscriptions_auto, t('Checking this box
allows you to be automatically subscribe to any thread you create or post a
comment to.'))));

Look at this section:
isset($edit->subscriptions_auto) ? $edit->subscriptions_auto :

I think you can change ...

: $user->subscriptions_auto


: true

That's someone else's edit, so I'm not sure what "$user->subscriptions_auto"
is supposed to offer, thut that whole block is the "checked: value of the

I should probably add this as an option - I've had people ask about it

Dan Ziemecki

On 4/4/06, VJ Rao <cmsconsultant at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Im using subscriptions module for 4.6
> How do I make 'auto subscribe' feature default? I couldnt find a way
> through settings.
> If I have to do this in code, which table/column stores this information?
> Thanks,
> V
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