[development] Doing some interesting things with Listhandler

Trevor Mckeown tmckeown at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 01:48:13 UTC 2006

> >  he might be interested in
> > what I am doing, I might also be able to assist him in any up keep in
> > the module as well.
> A patch to make it compatible with 4.7 would be appreciated. :)

If there is some current work being done on this I would be happy to help out.

> Hurdles, what hurdles? :p
> Listhandler has a fairly detailed install file :p
> Listhandler is also sooooo 1990ies. og2list is much better :p

If og2list has a stable version for 4.6 then I would be happy to use
it.   I am using a beta version of a module I wrote for integration of
another app that currently only works with 4.6.  Also og2list is only
available on mysql.

I have posted the current problem in the civicspace forum.


If you could offer any assiance it would be appreciated.


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