[development] Tagging and branching, again.

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Apr 13 21:39:30 UTC 2006

David K Norman wrote:
> When I got in trouble for branching someone else's contrib stuff,
> TortoiseCVS's remove branch command let me merge the 4-7 branch back
> into HEAD, deleting the 4-7 and just putting some weirdly, long numbered
> versions in the HEAD branch. I'll take a shot removing an
> unwanted 4-7 branch if someone tells me, gives permission, etc.

Please don't do anything in our cvs repos if you don't understand what 
you are doing. the fact you use a windows graphical frontend tells me 
you most likely don't. So don't do it.

We had more than one accident happen from inexperienced users and this 
typically leads to strange effects with project.module and a lot of time 
that people like me need to spend to fix it.


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