[development] [announcement] Integration of roundcube webmail in drupal

Allie Micka allie at pajunas.com
Fri Apr 14 18:17:11 UTC 2006

On Apr 14, 2006, at 7:51 AM, Keegan Quinn wrote:

> So, in conclusion, if you're interested in having a traditional
> email list with simple bits of integration (ie. new Drupal users are
> subscribed if they opt-in), integrating with an MLM might make a lot
> of sense.
> On the other hand, if you just need a means of delivering bulk
> messages to Drupal users, consider doing it all natively in PHP.
> (is that what og2list does?  help them out if so!)

FWIW, the MLM module at http://drupal.org/node/44580 was written to  
allow you to make these decisions without presenting yet another Mail- 
related UI to users.  By writing backends for it (e.g. defining about  
7 functions for subscribe, unsubscribe, etc), you can  leverage the  
existing interface for creating new lists, subscribing, unsubscribing  
and posting.  This gives users a single point of control over how  
messages are being delivered to them.  It also lets you choose the  
best tool for the job (MLM, drupal-based, etc.) without changing the  
UI or losing your post history.

A combination of the News module and MLM is being used to deliver  
larger-scale mailings (tens of thousands of recipients)

With funding and participation, I would like to work on backends for  
CiviCRM/CiviMail, and repurpose on of the existing Mailman backends.   
Had og2list not been written so og-specific, we could have written a  
drupal-based backend and gained more flexibility for both initiatives.

I believe that this is an important step in drupal-based mailings.   
There are use cases where of sending one message to a lot of people  
( news, simplenews, massmailer) . There are cases where you want to  
segment recipients into predefined groups (og2list and other forum- 
backed list solutions).

Another important step is consistent sub-listings, sub-groupings and  
filter-based mailings.  For example, subscribing to notifications  
based on your location, subscribing to saved searches, flagging your  
interests for automated newsletters, etc.  It occurs to me that you  
could write a view-based backend, if we had more generalized queuing  

By writing a consistent frontend and encouraging useful backends, I'm  
trying to create a framework that would support these present and  
future use cases.

Allie Micka
pajunas interactive, inc.

scalable web hosting and open source strategies

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