[development] nodeapi, inserts, and listhandler

tmckeown at gmail.com tmckeown at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 00:26:08 UTC 2006


I am currently working on 4.6 and I am using a ezmlm, mailhandler, 
listhandler, and forum to organize an online community.
I seem to have everything set up except I can't get new forum nodes to 
get posted to the listserve.  I am locked into this combo at the present 
... at a later date I probably will be migrating to 4.7.  Oh I am also 
using postgres and I have converted a small amount of code to work with 
by looking at the code, it looks like listhandler_nodeapi takes care of 
the sending of new nodes to the listserve.  The problem I seem to be 
having is that this hook executed when there is the insert signal on a 
node ... more specifically the forum node.   I put a bit of debugging 
code  in  to see what the $op variable is when the function is called.  
I  never see an insert....

My question is, is this just broken in  listhandler,  or is it an issue 
with the  nodeapi hook?  Or am I just crazy and missing something?

I also notice some calls to a UTF8 function. Why the conversion?



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