[development] Drupal 4.6 module - peer review requested

Derek Fountain derek at scratters.com
Sat Apr 15 12:35:38 UTC 2006

I've written my first module - woohoo! It's for Drupal 4.6 and allows a 
degree of protection to node pages. The object is to restrict access to 
node content to people who know a password. There is no concept of users 
or other such complications, it just comes down to "if you know the 
password you get to see the content, otherwise you don't."

I intend to use this to protect the price list page on an otherwise 
completely public website - anyone who wants the price list has to email 
me asking for the password (thereby introducing themselves to me and 
declaring their interest in my products).

I was looking for some peer review of my code. It's based on the 
page.module code and is fairly short - most of it is "comments to self"! 
It's here:


It's not supposed to be highly secure, and there are plenty of features 
I could add to make it more generally useful. At this stage I'm just 
looking for feedback on my Drupal API skills - am I doing it right or am 
I missing techniques I should know about? Have I done anything stupid or 
missed something obvious?

The code is GPLed, of course, so help yourself if it's useful to you. :o)

<a href="http://www.derekfountain.org/">Derek Fountain</a> on the web at 

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