[development] Awesome form building UI

Gary (Lists) listout at accidentaltechie.org
Tue Apr 18 16:45:36 UTC 2006

"Boris Mann" wrote:

> So....how come all these damn form builders are subscription-based proprietary
> bits of nonsense? Chris, what about gathering some funds to make a general
> purpose form building library, which can then be hooked into various open
> source systems underneath?

Again, I would encourage the 'honchos' to review PHP Application Tools
(a.k.a. 'pat').  There may very well be some useful bits there, including a
robust forms API.

(Whether that is Drupal-compatible I'll leave to other evaluators, but I can
say that I use Drupal in conjunction with PAT and with pMachine and all has
gone swimmingly for about a month and half now.)


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