[development] Awesome form building UI

info at urbits.com info at urbits.com
Tue Apr 18 17:24:59 UTC 2006

On the subject of nice DHTML tools, I am quite comfortable with contribs
using 3rd-party libraries - as long as everything degrades it's not
mission-critical IMO. Putting CCK aside, the form-builder we are
discussing is quite straight-forward (if time-consuming) simply because of
formapi and AJAX.

Where I hesitate is that there are a number of contrib modules surfacing
that implement different DHTML libraries. Can I request that the drupal
old-school recommend a "preferred" library? This would make way for a
module that does nothing more than implement a full javascript library.

I think what jjeff has done so far with S/P Ajax is a great start. Is it
possible that this is put forward as the recommended AJAX implementation
for other modules to use? I think this would provide a better focal point
for cool stuff than what I currently see in the community.


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