[development] Some issues and their fixes with Drupal 4.6.6 and PostgreSQL

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Thu Apr 20 02:09:44 UTC 2006

> Unfortunately, I do not have a externally available URL for
> demonstrating the fix.

You do not have to demonstrate the fix. You have  to provide
a) a description of the problem
b) a patch that has the fix.

These are best done via opening an issue on drupal.org against
the appropriate project(s).

This way they will be tracked and have the best chance of gaining
visibility and being acted upon as well as having followups by
others (reports on success to reproduce the issue, people who
had it fixed, improvements to your fix, ...etc.)

> I will see if I can try out Drupal 4.7.x and verify if the bug exists
> there also.

If you find it there, please be quick to provide a fix. It has a very
good chance for making it with the first 4.7 release.

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