[development] Usability improvement: Clearer language in e-mail sent to new accounts

Robert Castelo robert.castelo at cortextcommunications.com
Thu Apr 20 08:26:23 UTC 2006


Much clearer.

On 19 Apr 2006, at 04:52, Steve Dondley wrote:

> I recently created the following text for new accounts on a site I'm
> building.  I think makes things a little easier to understand by
> breaking the e-mail into sections (formatted with plain text).  It's
> especially geared to users who may be new to registering to online
> communities.
> If people like this, I'll roll it into a patch:
> %username,
> ***************************************************
> Please follow these easy instructions and save or
> print out this e-mail for future reference.
> ***************************************************
> A site administrator at the %site web site has created an account for 
> you:
> username: "%username" (no quotes, with spaces, if any)
> password: %password
> ==============================================
> Log in now by clicking on the following link or by copying and pasting
> it into your browser's address bar:
> %login_url
> IMPORTANT: This link above expires after the first time you use it.
> Trying to use this link to log in a second time will not work.
> The link above will take you to %edit_uri.  We highly recommend
> changing your password here to one that you can remember.  Simply type
> in your new password twice into the "Password" fields provided on the
> form and then click "Submit" at the very bottom of the page. See the
> tips at the bottom of this e-mail for tips on choosing a secure
> password.
> ==========================
> Other settings are available %edit_uri that allow you to contol your
> identity and how you interact with our online community.  To help
> establish yourself, we strongly encourage you to look over these
> options and change them as you see fit.  You can always change them
> later at any time.
> ===================
> To log in to the site at any time in the future, visit %login_uri to
> log in.  There you will type in your username and password.
> Please bookmark this login page in your browser for quick reference.
> =================================
> Don't panic. It's painless to get another one by visiting %login_uri
> and following the instructions on the "request new password" link.
> NOTE: The only way to recover from a lost password is to have a new
> password assigned to you.  No person, not even the person who controls
> the site, has the ability to look up your old password.  It is
> encrypted and not readable by humans.
> =======
> We thank you for helping build the power fo working people!
> --  %site team
> SECURE PASSWORD TIPS: Passwords should be at least 6 characters in
> length, contain no words you'd find in a dictionary, and be a mix of
> uppercase, lowercase, numbers and even punctuation marks.
> --
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> http://www.dondleycommunications.com
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> http://www.communicateordie.com

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