[development] Some issues and their fixes with Drupal 4.6.6 and PostgreSQL

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Apr 20 14:23:53 UTC 2006

Gary (Lists) wrote:
> "Boris Mann" wrote:
>> On 19-Apr-06, at 6:11 PM, Khalid B wrote:
>>> It is unlikely that bug fixes against 4.6.x would be accepted,
>>> simply because
>>> we try to restrict fixes to stable releases to secruity fixes only.
>> Which is kind of interesting. And we might want to revisit. I mean, if
>> Postgres is supposed to work in core, and doesn't...well, kind of should be
>> fixed, right?
> I was under the impression that, once bugs piled up, a new version was
> envisioned and everyone just moved on.  :)
> There really are serious bugs that are more than a year (or more) old.  (We
> are only 3 people, and although we've hammered out a few issues, we can not
> address the whole of Drupal and still complete our own work.)

If they were all that serious we'd have had fixes by now.

> There are even bugs listed as fixed when they clearly are not (see Project
> Module, for example.) (Bugs marked as 'fixed' and 'patch applied' are not
> propagated to the actual code, in this case.)  And these will likely just
> get "moved over" to 4.7, bug-intact.

Then be so kind and re-open them.

> The number one concern in our Tuesday meeting, (from last week), was this:

Whose Tuesday meeting?

>     We can not move any client to 4.7 because it's not a release, yet.
>     We can not move any client to 4.7 because dependencies aren't ported.
>     We can not add more clients with 4.6.6 because there is no support,
>         and outstanding bug issues languish in 'who cares' land.
>     We can not add more clients using CivicSpace 0.8.x, because that's
>         built on 4.6.6, and the loop repeats.
>     If we continue to devote all our time to fixing problems in the
>         underlying software, then how can we continue to get to the
>         actual work of helping clients communicate within their community?

Why do you think the subscribers of this mailing list should remotely 
care about the needs of your clients? or your needs? How many patches 
have you sent? How many patches reviewed? How many contrib modules 
ported to 4.7?

> There is mounting pressure on the 3 of us who do the daily work to find a
> system where there is a clear development pattern and reliable sources of
> support (the Drupal web site is quite the mess.)  This upsets us, because

Then do me the favour and leave. Now.

I am really fed up with people making money from Drupal and not 
contributing back but by whining. Get lost.  All of you. Now.


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