[development] pager_query() vs. theme('pager') argument handling

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Sat Apr 22 06:27:01 UTC 2006

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 15:21:51 -0700  Earl Miles wrote:

> 2) Limit. Yes, I grant that pager_query() should probably (and
> possibly does) remember this number.

doesn't look like it does.

> 3) Element ID. THis is critical. You can't not have this one. Passed
> to pager_query() but since you can have more than one pager per
> page, you have to have this to identify which pager you're using.

yeah, sorry, i didn't look closely at this.  i assumed it was
something like which page we were on.  my bad.

> 4) parameters. Part of the links; not important to pager_query().


> So yea, you could eliminate argument 2 there. Perhaps that's
> worthwhile in 4.8.  I'm not so sure.

ok, fair enough.  i think it'd be worth doing, since it seems that the
calls to pager_query and theme('pager') are often quite separate in
the code, and so if someone wants to change one they could easily
forget to change the other.  encouraging the use of constants for this
would help, but it seems better to just have pager_query() remember
it, if it's already remembering stuff for the pager links

i'll submit an issue about this once 4.8 development opens up.

-derek (dww)

p.s.  i wish there was a good way to submit 4.8 issues already --
submitting as version: cvs, status: postponed seems lame.

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