[development] flexinode towards 4.7: update, and it needs additional maintainer(s)

Jonathan Chaffer jchaffer at structureinteractive.com
Sun Apr 23 04:20:28 UTC 2006

On Apr 22, 2006, at 3:55 PM, Bèr Kessels wrote:

> However, making a new field for fexinode requires less then 1/3rd  
> of the code
> needed for a field in CCK.

I'm pretty sure this is not the case anymore. The defaults in  
content.module handle loads, inserts, updates and deletes in nearly  
all cases now, so a field really just has to declare its DB columns,  
how to present the edit form to the user (i.e. a widget), any  
validation necessary, and display. That's about half the hooks that  
were previously necessary.

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