[development] Aggregator2 / Podcast Aggregator

Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Tue Apr 25 19:52:43 UTC 2006

Hmmm...think I might just need to use the prepare nodeapi hook and I'll 
be golden.

Rob Roy Barreca
Electronic Insight Corporation
12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92130
rob at electronicinsight.com

Rob Barreca wrote:
> I'm implementing a podcast aggregator and I'm working with Agg2.  I 
> was going to modify aggregator2_parse_items() to pull the <ENCLOSURE> 
> (which contains the podcast mp3 or whatever) and other fields out of 
> the RSS feed and add them to the agg2_item type.  But I feel that the 
> following might be a better solution and would like some feedback.
> Would it be worthwhile to add an invoke_all call for '_parse_items' 
> and pass the $items to that when parsing new RSS items?  This would 
> allow other modules to react when agg2 does an update as at the 
> nodeapi level, you can't access any info that was in the RSS feed that 
> agg2 isn't already sending to the database.
> Thanks for any input.

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