[development] Aggregator2 / Podcast Aggregator

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Wed Apr 26 17:31:58 UTC 2006

On 25-Apr-06, at 12:42 PM, Rob Barreca wrote:

> I'm implementing a podcast aggregator and I'm working with Agg2.  I  
> was going to modify aggregator2_parse_items() to pull the  
> <ENCLOSURE> (which contains the podcast mp3 or whatever) and other  
> fields out of the RSS feed and add them to the agg2_item type.  But  
> I feel that the following might be a better solution and would like  
> some feedback.
> Would it be worthwhile to add an invoke_all call for '_parse_items'  
> and pass the $items to that when parsing new RSS items?  This would  
> allow other modules to react when agg2 does an update as at the  
> nodeapi level, you can't access any info that was in the RSS feed  
> that agg2 isn't already sending to the database.

username "budda" was doing a new project -- check cvs.drupal.org for  
aggregator_node or something like that. It uses the core aggregator  
to manage all feeds etc., and then just links them to node types.  
It's an interesting approach.

-- Boris

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