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Patrick Nelson pnelson at vcommunity.org.uk
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Could you add my companies details (below) to
http://drupal.org/services/hosting please?


vhost.org.uk is a UK-based hosting company focusing on providing web hosting
and services for open source systems. I’ve just finished the first phase of
setting up our site and our Drupal service. For £5 a month (£60 a year), we


- Installation of Drupal 4.6.x or 4.7

- Unlimited web space

- Unlimited email accounts

- Unlimited (and unmetered) data transfer

- MySQL database


Our servers have been reconfigured to be 100% Drupal-compatible and, if
anyone has any problems running Drupal on our servers, I guarantee that we
will either fix whatever causes the problem or we will offer a full refund
(within the first month).


More details can be found on http://www.vhost.org.uk


Oh, and vhost itself runs on Drupal. Which is nice.





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