[development] previewing issue followups on drupal.org (needs review)

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Thu Apr 27 08:16:09 UTC 2006

for all the complaining i've noticed in the issue queues from many of
y'all about how annoying it is that you can't preview issue follow-ups
on drupal.org (unless you have "admin nodes" privs, in which case you
don't see the bug at all), i'm amazed i've had so much trouble getting
anyone else to review and test my solution to this problem. ;)


i know we're all busy, but if the tools we use to manage our software
and release process are hard to use, that just slows everything down
even more.  instead of apologizing for busted markup in another one of
your posts, please just review this patch, verify it works for you,
and followup to the issue.  once i get a few positive replies, i'll
commit it so we can get drupal.org updated.

not only is this problem a pain in our own asses, it makes drupal
itself look bad.  new users who are trying to use the issue queue and
hit "preview", expecting something useful to happen, see nothing
except the form they were just editing.

this problem has been gnawing away at me for weeks, and i'd love to
resolve it.  it's a somewhat large patch, so i don't just want to
commit it myself without independent review and testing.  in private
email, dries said he'd try to review it, but he's way too busy to have
to bother with this sort of thing, given how many other people on this
list are capable of reviewing and testing without using up dries'
time. ;)


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