[development] Best practice for editing multiple nodes on a page

Scott White webdesign at whitepaperdesigns.com
Sat Apr 29 01:34:16 UTC 2006

I am working on a bug in the acidfree module.
I have tracked down the issue to a conflict between the path.module the 
way acidfree edits multiple images at once.
Acidfree calls node_load for many images in an album to create a page 
that allows the user to move/rename/delete many items at once.
The problem is that when hook_nodeapi is called it ends up creating a 
form that does not save the same a single node.

Is there a normal/approved/easy method for editing multiple nodes on a page?
Any thoughts would be appreciated. I can think of several ways to patch 
the problem, but I would prefer to submit a 'correct' fix.

Scott White (wpd)
White Paper Designs

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