[development] Module: User name based redirection

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Tue Aug 1 19:15:52 UTC 2006

Khalid B wrote:
> This project http://drupal.org/project/userpath duplicates a portion
> of what pathauto does.
> This is not necessarily bad, since someone my want just redirects,
> but then they can install pathauto and disable the node aliasing..
> The user, cmb, did not enable contacts. Hope he is on this list.

Yeah, that is sort of my fault. I didn't really understand from the 
project description that it would be duplicating pathauto. But frankly, 
ensuring that no duplication in features happens is a long lost battle. 
There are simply too many modules for me to keep track of and remember 
when reviewing somebody's cvs application.


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