Quality! (Re: [development] LinksDB vs. Links)

Adam Cooper Adam_Cooper at europe.pall.com
Wed Aug 2 11:35:26 UTC 2006

Ber Kessels wrote:
>I wrote the planet blog post about this too, in which I
>explain how we could solve this. »» http://webschuur.com/node/640

After reading your post I agree very much so with your voting system idea. My
ideas for this:

1. Have different ratings per module. like;
   1. Code Quality
   2. Security
   3. Features
   4. Update frequency etc.

   Each and every user gets to rate these items. Drupal displays the results as
a traffic
   light/medal system. Good ratings imply that that community rates this module.
A good
   idea would be to weight the votes for core developers. ie. a core developer
saying the
   code quality sucks would override joe bloggs saying that it is great.

2. Gold medals across the board make for a gold standard module. Easy

3. Get a versioning system into contrib. The sooner I can say I've found a bug
in Views 4.7.28
   the better.

>How feature rich the office suits are!

I don't know about your office, but the suits round here are seriously lacking
in commendable
features ;-D


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