[development] Unmaintained/Abandoned Modules

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Aug 2 14:48:07 UTC 2006

> > Regarding the ideas I had, I think they were in emails between Rob and I.
> >
> > In a nutshell, from memory, they were providing hooks that can be called
> > at certain points, and hence modules get notified.
> >
> > For example if someone invited someone else, they can get a portion of
> > adsense's page views.
> >
> > Also, when someone invites someone else they get user points, and
> > when the person actually registers they get more points.
> like an inviteapi() function right? Sounds good to me, i actually need
> something like this with what im doing right now, so will look into how
> to do it and talk to you about that...

Here is my email to Rob from May, it outlines my ideas.

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From: Khalid B
Date: May 23, 2006 12:37 PM
Subject: invite module vs. referral module
To: Robert Douglass


I am thinking of deprecating referral module in favor of invite module, now
that it has hooks that I can use in adsense and userpoints. This avoids
code duplication and user confusion.

My questions are:

1. Do you plan on having an insert argument to the invoke all that happens
when a user registers?

I need this to award points when a user invites someone else, and that
new person registers.

module_invoke_all('invite', 'register', $args);
module_invoke_all('invite', 'insert', $args);

I see from the code that I can use 'escalate' since it is called indirectly
from invite_save(), but would rather have a specific.

2. Do you have somewhere I can call at any time to query whether a certain
uid was referred by another?

I need this for adsense to be able to split the revenue sharing if the user
was referred by another user.

Perhaps an invite_invite() function?

3. When is a stable 4.7 release of invite expected?


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