[development] Unmaintained/Abandoned Modules

Nick Wilson nick at communicontent.com
Wed Aug 2 14:11:16 UTC 2006

* and then Khalid B declared....
> Here is what I did:
> - Made Nick Wislon the owner of the project node (and hence gets cvs
> access too).
> - Keep Robert's commit access as it is.

Ok thanks Khalid, i'll work on getting some of these fixes done in cvs
and email with Rob (and you if you like) before putting anything out
> Regarding the ideas I had, I think they were in emails between Rob and I.
> In a nutshell, from memory, they were providing hooks that can be called
> at certain points, and hence modules get notified.
> For example if someone invited someone else, they can get a portion of
> adsense's page views.
> Also, when someone invites someone else they get user points, and
> when the person actually registers they get more points.

like an inviteapi() function right? Sounds good to me, i actually need
something like this with what im doing right now, so will look into how
to do it and talk to you about that...

Nick Wilson

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