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Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Aug 2 15:41:42 UTC 2006

>>  http://desktoppub.about.com/cs/typespacing/a/onetwospaces.htm
>>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_stop#Spacing_after_full_stop
> Both american sites and meaningless to UK english grammar, which 
> states that after a full stop you have 2 spaces.

Please give me a reference from a well-respected UK grammar book. Until 
them, you're non-authoritative and the unspoken Drupal style remains 
(which is one space after sentences). (Actually, either way, Drupal 
style is one space after sentences, so you'd have to conform to that 
anyways to satisfy the Drupal jihadists.)

There's a whole discussion about this particular issue at


in which they suggest it's not a UK vs. US thing at all (though, I could 
find nothing authoritative in here that'd satisfy your UK demands). More 
at http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/andrewingram/entry/two_spaces_after, which 
loosely quotes Lynne Truss' book EAT, SHOOTS & LEAVES as "typists were 
taught to leave two– or even three–space gaps after a full stop until 
quite recently. Also, semi–colons and colons used to have a space 
preceding them and two spaces after." I have the book, but was too lazy 
to find you an exact page reference for that.

The Department of Chemistry at Oxford suggests otherwise too:


And some magazine I know nothing about suggests the same:


But anyways, I'm all for authoritative sources. What's the name of a 
respected guide in your part of the world? Over here, we have Fowlers 
and the Chicago Manual of Style.

(And note: don't think I'm picking on you over this.
Dare to ask m3vrck about the ellipsis debacle!).

>>  // just the image itself.
>>  theme('image', path_to_theme().'/front_project_placeholder.png')
> does path_to_theme() return the path to the module? or the path to the 
> theme in use?  If the latter, then it's useless to me as the image is in 
> the module not the theme.

For that, you'd want:

   drupal_get_path('module', 'petition')

in place of path_to_theme().

>>>>  * # for comments? What is this, Perl?
>>> Why not? they're perfectly valid.  And perl is the other language I 
>>> use day in and day out so I just stick to one comment style.
>> perl is the compiler. You mean "And Perl is the other ..." <g> (Sadly, 
>> the Perl FAQ indicates it is user choice to make this distinction).
> And anyway, perl isn't the compiler... perl5.8.8 is the bytecode
 > compiler.  perl is merely a symbolic link to it ...

OoOH, snap! :D

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