[development] views fusions, patch and node relations

fago nuppla at zites.net
Wed Aug 2 18:12:47 UTC 2006

hi everyone!

I'm soc student and I'd love to get some feedback on my work.

I'm working on nodeprofiles as soc project and as a generic byproduct
I've written the module views_fusion.

views_fusion allows one to melt multiple views into one. so you can
build fusioned views that display information that is stored in multiple
nodes. it uses node relations for joining the appropriate nodes

So currently the views_fusion module needs the nodefamily module, which
I've also built, for getting the node relation information. However in
future other node relation modules could also provide their data for
views fusion as it is written generic.

Nodefamily is just another node relation module, which doesn't provide
any interface for end users. It's possible to set custom nid-nid
relations through the API or to set relations between content types
through the admin interface. In the latter case the module will
automatically create nid-nid relations for each nodes of these types
that were created by the same author (yeah this is useful for user
profiles.. ;)

So views fusion uses the data of nodefamily to join the node tables
appropriate. Unfortunately I needed to patch the views module to achieve
this. Basically this patch creates a possibilty to define a prefix for
the tables_aliases that views use in its query.

The actual patch can be found at the bottom of this issue I created:

Actually I'd like to get some reviews for this patch, as I'd really like
to see it integrated in views, so that views fusion works without
patching views.

More information about views fusion:


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