[development] RE: [Drupal feature] Sqlite port

tachyonxv at psiforum.co.uk tachyonxv at psiforum.co.uk
Wed Aug 2 21:54:30 UTC 2006

I have a test site at http://atlantean.5gigs.com running what should be the latest version of this. I have been busy with non-Drupal stuff and maintaining Drupal installs. It might be an idea to dump all failed queries via trigger_error() into the log for SQL debugging purposes.

@I've put some effort into modifying/adopting jenseng's [1] ALTER TABLE support for sqlite. The code is a mess and I still have to check if it can actually run a Drupal database update, but it's a start...
[1] http://code.jenseng.com/db/

I've seen that code mentioned before and that’s about the only way to do it, due to the lack of any alter table support.

I think the cache gets corrupted under some circumstances, though I am not sure what does that.

The majority of the SQL should be working, or at least enough to make it useable. I did do as test run on a local install with apache bench and with a few simultaneous clients Sqlite is noticeably slower than MySQL, though it is still reasonably responsive.

If you have any ideas or test code, I might be able to test it locally. I am not intending on taking this into core, unless its works correctly and its performance is decent.


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