[development] Administration page patch committed

Frando (Franz Heinzmann) frando at xcite-online.de
Thu Aug 3 14:21:17 UTC 2006

Fist of all, great work, Earl!

Dries Buytaert schrieb:
> Note that we're well aware that there is room for improvement so feel 
> free to submit patches that build upon Earl's work.  It's not perfect, 
> but it is certainly a big step forward.  For example, we could use some 
> help making the administration page a tad sexier.

concerning the look&feel of administration pages:

I think we should create a new administration theme. The time of 
bluemarine is - in my eyes - over.

It's difficult to have a sexy administration page within bluemarine, 
because bluemarine is not in particular sexy. And this is not about 
funky-web-2.0-ish-ajaxy-whatever stuff but mainly about usability. 
Sometimes, Ajax *can* improve usability a lot, sometimes not (therefore 
it would also be great to get jquery into core, but that's another topic)

Many themes are great themes for viewing a website, but are often not 
designed to be used with an administrative backend. So I think drupal 
should *provide* a theme that's just perfect to be uses with the 
administration center. Site builders can then decide wether they want to 
use their own theme or administration theme for the admin center or the 
drupal default administration theme.

Is it currently possible to "map" a theme to a path (admin theme to 
admin/*) without using contrib?

If not, we should get a little patch for this into 4.8 together with a 
new admin theme.


> Rock on folks!
> -- 
> Dries Buytaert  ::  http://www.buytaert.net/

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