[development] Administration page patch committed

Gary Feldman dpal_gaf_devel at marsdome.com
Thu Aug 3 21:34:15 UTC 2006

Gabor Hojtsy wrote:
> Doh, this theme is copyleft licensed...
>  Some portions of this website's design are part of the Sands theme for
>  Drupal, which is copyleft (c) 2005-2006 Samat Jain. All rights reserved.
> This theme should change license, or should be removed from the Drupal 
> repository, since it does not comply to our policies. It should be GPL 
> to stay in contrib. It definitely is not core compatible license wise.
Copyleft isn't a license.  It's a buzzword used by the GNU folks as a 
catch-all for licenses that meet their goals, which obviously includes 
the GPLs.  A quick look at the CVS repository for it shows that there is 
no license.txt file, and the few files that I checked have no copyright 
notice.  So I think it's clear that if any license applies, it will be 
the GPL as required by Drupal's upload policy.


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