[development] Administration page patch committed

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Sat Aug 5 09:03:52 UTC 2006

Op 5-aug-2006, om 10:55 heeft Bèr Kessels het volgende geschreven:
> Op zaterdag 5 augustus 2006 10:52, schreef Stefan Nagtegaal:
>> I'm probably jumping in a bit late into the discussion, but am I
>> understanding we want a separate admin-theme for drupal?
>> Why? One or two years back Adrian and I were convinced that merging
>> the administration into the normal layout of the site, was the way to
>> go..
> We are talking about a *theme*. A theme just like any other one,  
> but one that
> can be enabled (using sections, or some simpler code) on your admin  
> area.
Okay, and how are you going to handle the block placements in the  
admin theme?
I mean, I don't think you use the same blocks in your sidebars when  
your admin-theme becomes active, then the normal website layout?

Wouldn't you think it becomes weird in some kind of way to understand  
that your site changes once you are administering your site?
And where does the administration section begin? How are we going to  
separate administration and public-shared site? On what base?


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