[development] Administration page patch committed

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Sat Aug 5 15:22:45 UTC 2006

That said, I think Drupal's *ability* to treat the admin and public
sections of the site similarly is a real advantage. I just spent some
time looking through extensions.joomla.org, and a large number of its
"administration" modules are just tools that let you look at the
"public-facing" portions of the site while you're in the administrative
'silo.' I'm glad we never relaly have to deal with that in Drupal. That
said, it doesn't mean we have to treat admin and public-facing portions
of the site *exactly the same*. :)


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>> Wouldn't you think it becomes weird in some kind of way to understand
>> that your site changes once you are administering your site?
>> And where does the administration section begin? How are we going to

>> separate administration and public-shared site? On what base?
> Hardly. Many people have been confused, coming from other CMS's, that
> the admin section *is* part of the site.

Indeed. MovableType and Blogger has /never/ themed their admin section 
to match that of the public side. I regularly use sections.module to 
split off my public side with my admin side.

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