[development] Drupal administration survey draft based on 10 interviews

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Wed Aug 9 19:25:09 UTC 2006

>> Yes it matters a lot.  If you want to build an online community or  
>> social change website you are going to end up being recommended to  
>> use Drupal.  Drupal's community knowledge extends beyond just CMS  
>> development but is now a expert community in online community  
>> building and social change websites.   This is important to know  
>> because this growing user base has certain expectations and  
>> goals.   This was clear from the interviews, maybe 4+/10 people  
>> fell into this category.  We need to get a sense of how many  
>> Drupal sites are falling into this domain.
> So...then add that as another category. You may be an accidental  
> technologist building things for a death metal band. I suspect a  
> lot of the folks you interact with fall into the social change  
> category...and I agree it is important to capture.

Most of the folks were random people plucked out of #drupal-support  
or acquaintances of people in #drupal.  I explicitly tried to not  
sample the CivicSpace folks and these results still came through.

> However, another huge category is "HTML Website developer adopting  
> a CMS platform" or "Process consultant learning to us collaborative  
> tools" (the former is more technical in terms of web stuff, the  
> latter is less technical).

Ok.  Let me think about how to introduce that into the self  
description responses.  I don't want to force stuff into the survey,  
that didn't come out in the interviews.  But then this is more art  
than science and I do want public review to make sure the results  
make sense.

Thanks for the feedback.


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