[development] Drupal administration survey draft based on 10 interviews

Stefan Borchert stefan at borchert.cc
Thu Aug 10 20:26:16 UTC 2006

Kieran Lal schrieb:
> [...]
> I think we have three choices:
> 1) Review the relevant parts of the interviews I have posted and re- 
> interpret the results of this question yourself.
> 2) Conduct additional interviews to gain further clarity and re- 
> phrase the questions to see if the response are significantly different.
> 3) Go with what we have and if the results look suspicious then do  
> more follow up interviews to dig deeper.
I would suggest to take the second choice. The more specific the 
question the merrier the results.
Problem: to specific question are possibly to difficult for 
unexperienced users.
So perhaps the questions should be rephrased and after the survey you 
could go ahead with choice 3.

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