[development] CVS HEAD, code freeze, zeitgeist

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Fri Aug 18 20:50:57 UTC 2006

Boris Mann wrote:
> On 8/18/06, *Dries Buytaert* <dries.buytaert at gmail.com 

>     On 18 Aug 2006, at 09:18, Larry Garfield wrote:
>      > Personally, I think this is an issue best handled by the oft-
>      > discussed but
>      > not-yet-implemented golden/recommended/endorsed/first class citizen
>      > contrib
>      > concept.
>     We're not going to have such concept.  We might have ratings but
>     nothing official.

> Want your module "golden"?
> * address issues in the tracker in a reasonable timeframe
> * be ready for the release of Drupal by the RC stage
> * add unit testing (simpletest) and/or black box testing (selenium)
> * use proper Drupal APIs (theme functions, connect with other modules, etc.)
> * make your module kick ass

There is just one big fat glaring problem with this -- and why I don't 
understand Dries's flat refusal to consider it:

I write a module.  I address all issues very fast.  It is ready before Drupal 
core reaches RC state.  It has great unit testing and black box testing.  It 
properly uses all APIs, etc.

It is a totally kick ass module.

In fact, so much so, that thousands of people use and depend upon it.

But it is an extremely complicated module that takes a long time to 
understand, so as the author I continue to maintain it and upgrade it, and do 
so with great care and speed.  More and more people use it.

Then Drupal comes along,  breaks half a dozen APIs as it is wont to do -- and 
I'm spending a year sabbatical living in the Andes and not doing any work on 
the module at all.

You release a new verison of Drupal but without the one module most people 
want, because I am not around to update it.  What do you do?

Multiply this times the dozen or so most popular modules; lather, rinse, repeat.

Now what do you do?  This is the road we are currently on, unless we come up 
with a good solution.  A golden repository is one such solution.


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