[development] A first suggestion (was: CVS HEAD, code freeze, zeitgeist)

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 11:22:36 UTC 2006

> *My* proposal is that the issue get visibility and some sort of  
> mechanism to help make sure temporarily-orphaned but critical  
> modules don't get left behind.  There are likely other methods than  
> the golden repo idea.  It just seemed that the door to any  
> discussion was being closed.

In an attempt to translate this discussion into some concrete action  
points, here is a first proposal:


The advantage is that is can be automated (no manual work) and that  
it promotes active projects over inactive projects, good maintainers  
over bad maintainers, etc.  Also, it provides useful information to  
user -- something which is important on its own (if you look at  
Kieran's survey results).

*winks at Derek*

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