[development] CVS HEAD, code freeze, zeitgeist

Jakub Suchy jakub at rtfm.cz
Sat Aug 19 19:23:50 UTC 2006

> basically, most of the stuff ber is talking about.  i see it as  
> something to help site admins choose what modules to build their  
> sites on top of,

if you are developing site without access to cron, you will probably use
poormanscron. Because such modules are rather simple, they don't have
enough activity. Will you abandon it because it didn't change for past 4
months and has only one developer?

I agree we need some gold-stars, but i don't think just statistics will
help much. What about some magic number, computed from various stats,
showing project activity (like freshmeat.net)?
Something like:
- how many unresolved issues does the project have? - A points
- how long does an issue stays unopened? - B points
- is it ready for 4.7? - C points
- is it ready for 4.8/5.0/HEAD? - D points
- did it have major security issue in past 2 months? - E points
- did it have minor security issue in past 2 months? - F points

Magic number = A+B+C+D+E+F
Points will be calculated from current projects statistics.

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