[development] Possibility of API *additions* post-code freeze?

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Sun Aug 20 06:06:34 UTC 2006

On 19-Aug-06, at 10:12 PM, Angela Byron wrote:

> For this volunteer project I'm working on, I'm developing an  
> install profile. It occurs to me that there aren't really any nice  
> ready-made functions for doing a lot of basic stuff in Drupal like:
> - Creating a role, with a given list of permissions
> - Adding a user to a role
> - Enabling an input format
> - Turning on/off a block
> - etc.

Yep. Definitely need to do all these things to build install  
profiles. And we end up with little PHP code libraries that reach  
into Drupal and call stuff, or try and twiddle variables, usually in  
somewhat unclean ways.

I don't know what the best approach is here, but if, as Angie says,  
we can make functions a bit more modular so that they CAN be called  
externally with predictable results...it's a good thing.

-- Boris

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