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Metzler, David metzlerd at evergreen.edu
Wed Aug 23 20:03:49 UTC 2006

Yep, that's my recipe too,except for icw, which might seem like preference. 

The book module provides the important "log" function that contains the meta discussion associated with updating content.  I might argue that the "log" could ideally be configurable on a per content type basis, so you could do it for a page, story, or something else.  

You could really get wiki-like if you considered a "multi-node" display module that showed all the node content associated with a particular book page "parent", with edit links for each of them on the pages.  


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Op woensdag 23 augustus 2006 19:24, schreef Neil Drumm:
> I recently helped set up a wiki for one of our client sites. We used:
> - CCK (4.7)
> - TinyMCE
> - freelinking
> - input_format_restrictions - a formapi hack module that lets you 
> define the default and available input formats for each node type [1]. 
> I plan on making a patch for core for this, but haven't had time. The 
> first step, in case anyone wants it, is being able to set the default 
> and available input formats when calling the function which generates 
> that form widget.

Here is my recipe:
 book module (It's great to be able to actually structure a wiki!)  node_privacy_by_role (we needed three groups that could not edit or see eachothers content. If you need more OG configured for books will be a good
 markdown icw with a properly configured input format. (My client found markdown far more "natural" then HTML or WikiSyntax)  inline module  upload module (icw inline provides a simple way to include images)


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